Ruvuma Region is situated in the Southern part of the country along with Mtwara and Lindi Regions. The Region extends between latitudes 9o35’ and 11o South of the equator, Longitude 34o31’ and 38o10’ East Greenwich.  Ruvuma Region borders the republic of Mozambique in the South, Lake Nyasa in the West and Njombe Region in the North and North East.  It is also bordered by Mtwara Region to the East.

The Region lies in the Southern Highlands which rise from 300M to 2000M above Sea level.  The Western part of the Region is covered by Lake Nyasa which lies within the Western arm of the Rift Valley.  To the East of the Rift Valley there are Matengo Mountains ranges which rise up to 2000m.  Similarly, towards the North there are Lukumburu Mountains whose elevation rises up to 200m above Sea level.  South of the Region runs through the lower plains which are dissected by Ruvuma River